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I keep taking lessons, but I’m still not winning.

What’s keeping you from playing your best tennis?  In this entertaining companion to his best-selling first book, Occam’s Racquet – 12 Simple Steps to Smarter Tennis, tennis pro Marcus Cootsona tells you how to win more matches with the strokes you have right now.

You’ll learn that the best stokes don’t always win, but the best game never loses.  And why you need to stop working over the strokes you’ve already got, and start working on the skills you didn’t even know you needed.  

Tnns Lssns is for players of every level who want to take the skills they have and turn them into the game they’ve always wanted.

Occam's Racquet

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Written by tennis teaching professional, Marcus Paul Cootsona. Occam's Racquet focuses on the twelve most important parts of the physical and mental games of tennis. No matter what strokes you use, the ideas in here will make you the most effective player you can be.

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